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Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island is a South Pacific paradise full of stories, activity and character. It has a unique history and community now enjoyed in modern life with its beautiful landscapes, impressive diversity and refreshing authenticity.


PLEASE NOTE: We operate a seasonal flight schedule to Norfolk Island from Auckland. Services to this unique destination will resume on 29th August for the Spring/Summer Season 2024/2025.


The island shares a similar latitude and climate to Australia's easternmost towns and is a sub-tropical gem. At only 805 kilometres from the northern tip of New Zealand, it’s less than three hours flight time from Auckland to Norfolk Island and virtually on our doorstep!   

 There is an abundance of things to do and a rich and eclectic culture unlike anywhere else in the world.   

The island is only 5km by 8km wide making it easy to get around.  Most accommodation providers allow for the hire of vehicle as you book. 



Four distinct settlements have formed its character – first, the Polynesians, then Captain Cook arrived in 1774 followed by the convict era of 1788 to 1856 and lastly the descendants of the Bounty mutineers came from Pitcairn Island on 8 June 1856.  The settlement of Kingston is a World Heritage Listed site. Norfolk Island even has its own language, “Norf’k” and “Watawieh "yorlyi” is how you say hello and how are you! 

An entire third of the island is National Park, Botanical Gardens and Public Reserves.  Bird life is prolific with rare and endemic species inhabiting satellite islands. With its mix of sunlit sands and crystal-clear waters, rugged cliffs and deep forests, Norfolk’s diverse landscape magically changes at each turn. And while it’s an ideal spot to kick back and bask in the sunshine and sea air, chances are you won’t be sitting still for long. 



There are more than 8 kilometres of picturesque walking trails, and the views are spectacular.   

With clean fresh air and a small population, life is relaxed and safe from the hectic pace of big cities. 

From surfing to stargazing, ghost tours to golf, stunning scenery, pristine beaches and fantastic food, Norfolk Island has it all. Once you experience Norfolk Island’s 360° of wonder, you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t come over sooner!

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