Flights For Pets In New Zealand

Pets & Animals

Air Chathams is happy to carry your pets and animals under the following conditions.

This information applies to animals being sent unaccompanied as freight. If you are travelling as a passenger and wish to have a live animal as part of your baggage, please contact us by calling 0800 FLY NOW to arrange this. 

Please prebook your live animal or pet’s travel between any of our scheduled mainland New Zealand destinations by using the form below. For animals and pets travelling to for from the Chatham Islands, please call 0800 FLY NOW and select option 2. 

Standard freight rates will be charged per kilogram plus a live animal handling fee as listed below.


Standard freight rates per sector: 

  • $3.00 per kilogram including GST for flights between destinations in mainland New Zealand, with a minimum freight charge of $29.99.
  • $4.13 per kilogram including GST for flights between mainland New Zealand and the Chatham Islands, with a minimum freight charge of $24.99.

Live animal handling fees: 

  • $75 for animals in crates up to 23KG 
  • $100 for animals in crates over 23KG but under 32KG for animals in crates over 32KG please contact 0800 FLY NOW. Additional charges may apply.

All animals (dogs, cats and other pets) are to be properly and securely caged with appropriate absorbent material lining the base of the cage. The transport cage or box must be appropriately sized for the animalable to be locked, and be leak-proof. No food, water, or other liquids may be open in the crate.

Animals transported as freight are to be dropped off and collected from the Air Chathams check-in desk in the terminal, except for animals transported as freight to the Chatham Islands which will be taken to the Air Chathams office for collection. If it is preferred to collect the animal at the Chatham Island Airport, please contact the office to arrange this prior to the flight.

Pets and other live animals are unable to be held overnight at any Air Chatham premises, and will be returned to the point of origin at the shipper's expense if not collected.

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