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Chatham Islands

Your Chatham Islands adventure holiday will be a journey of discovery. Explore the unique ancestral cultures, environment, and way of life on the Chatham Islands and you will take a step back in time, to how life used to be.


Called Rēkohu in Moriori and Wharekauri in Māori, the Chatham Islands are the most eastern part of New Zealand.  Over 800 kilometres from New Zealand, the Chatham Islands are an intriguing and unique part of New Zealand’s cultural, geographic and natural history. At one point in time there were 26 different nationalities on the island.  

Home of the Moriori and Ngāti Mutunga o Wharekauri, early Europeans were predominantly whalers, sealers and traders.  German missionaries arrived in 1843. Like other remote islands in the South Pacific, the communities have been shaped by the people of the time and their isolation.  



The main island, Chatham Island is bigger than most expect and is one of 11 islands that form the archipelago.  Te Whanga Lagoon on Chatham Island is larger than Rarotonga in the Cook Islands and only Chatham and Pitt Islands are populated. With a growing movement amongst islanders in protecting the local rare and endemic plants, birds and sea life, visitors are encouraged to appreciate the isolation that is allowing their renewal. 

The resident Taiko Trust protect the Sweetwater Forest for Taiko breeding and conservation, have established the Chatham Islands Albatross Translocation project and continue to improve coastal regeneration. 

There are an abundance of nature walks and trails through scenic and conservation reserves.   

You're sure to see a cheeky Weka or more and on Pitt Island if you're lucky, a little Chatham Island tomtit and the largest stand of Chatham Island Nikau. Visit the Point Munning Seal Colony and on the way there, pop in to see the remains of a Sunderland Flying Boat. 



"The seafood industry is the largest economic contributor on the island without which the Chatham Islands populations may never have survived.  Make sure to have a meal of deep-sea blue cod, hapuka, gurnard wings or crayfish fresh from the surrounding waters."

Unusual and beautiful in their diversity and austerity, the rugged landscapes of the Chatham Islands are breath-taking. From high red cliffs to white and black sand beaches, and clean clear waters, there’s a different view around every corner. Protected in reserves and on private land, it’s easy to ask permission to see. A perfect place for nature lovers, bird spotters, seafood addicts and history buffs.  

You’ll need at least a week without a doubt to make the most of the Chatham Islands, find out more here:


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