Charters Around NZ, Chathams Islands & Norfolk Island

Our Charters

With a range of aircraft options, a friendly crew and great service, we can service air charter needs throughout the country and to the Chatham and Norfolk Islands.


Current charters occur on a regular basis to the Chatham Islands and Norfolk Island, for representative rugby team matches and invitational games, contracts for New Zealand government contacts and international inbound tour operators. Our charters operate around the clock, and we're available 24/7. 

Group Charters

Air Chathams’ has a proud history of connecting businesses with their clients and athletes to their sporting dreams.

DC-3 Charters

Douglas DC-3 Aircraft Charter Flights. A fully restored classic 1945 DC-3 available for point-to-point charter flights providing an amazing experience. The one and only Douglas DC-3 offers charter groups an amazing experience in a meticulously well-maintained warbird.

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Charter information

Diversity of the fleet

With a diverse fleet of aircraft available from our principal base at Auckland Domestic Airport, we can service a broad range of requests. 

Our fleet have operational approvals into most New Zealand regional airports, and we have flown charters in recent times to include Manapouri, Queenstown, Blenheim, Napier, Taupo, Gisborne and Kaitaia. Wherever you wish to fly in New Zealand or further abroad, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information and to discuss your specific requirements.

Our team on the ground and in the air, have the skills, expertise and experience to ensure your charter is the most safe, efficient and cost-effective option for you 

A history of success

Our charter clients include sports teams, travel companies, government departments and a range of small and large businesses within New Zealand and around the world. 

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Saab 340

Our Swedish princess.

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ATR 72

Our newest regional airliner.

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Air Chathams Douglas DC-3

Our classic aircraft, the pride and joy of our fleet.

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Where We Fly

We fly to some of New Zealand’s best regional destinations and pristine Islands in the Pacific.

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Air Chathams is happy to help you with freight requirements to any of our destinations. Good customer service, efficiency and flexibility are the essential elements of our freight service.


About Us

Proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Flying over the skies of New Zealand, Australia, and the South Pacific.

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