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Chathams & Pitt Island Scenic Flights

Discover the unique ancestral cultures, environment, and way of life on the Chatham Islands with its own proud airline.
There‚Äôs is no better way of seeing the majestic and wind-swept islands of the Chathams, than from a birds-eye view. With our scenic flights you can view the horizons, rugged coastline and the surrounding cyan-blue sea, like an albatross soaring on Pacific Ocean winds!





Chatham Islands to Pitt Island return

(direct both ways with no waiting time)

$690.00 incl. GST

1 seat (min 5 passengers)

$129.00 pp incl. GST


30-Mins - scenic flight

(Chatham Islands only
- 2 different routes)

$200.00 incl. GST per person
(2-passenger minimum).

60-Mins - scenic flight

(Including both Chatham Islands and Pitt Island)

$400.00 incl. GST per person
(2-passenger minimum).

Booking details:

Scenic flight bookings for both the Chatham Islands and Pitt Island are made by contacting our Te One office on the Chatham Islands:

Call 03 3050 209 or email [email protected]

Important information:

  • The Pitt Island aircraft operates on demand only and is not scheduled.
  • The plane has seating for 5 passengers - including the seat next to the pilot.
  • Caution: There is a high possibility of flight delays due to weatherand airstrip condition on Pitt Island (grass airstrip not sealed).
  •  Airport transfers can be organised through your accommodation prior to your scenic flight or as part of your travel requirements prior to visiting the Chatham Islands.

Cessna 206

Air Chathams uses the Cessna 206 for our Pitt Island services. 

The Cessna can be quickly configured for passengers and is available for scenic flights throughout the Chatham Islands archipelago.