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Gateway to the Eastern Bay of Plenty, amazing marine life, beach culture and native forests.


With a cultural heritage second to none, Whakatāne shares busy downtown shopping with sacred sites, legends, and ready smiles. 

Whakatāne is also known as the Kiwi Capital of New Zealand with kiwi literally living in the native forest backyards of the town.   

Go visit and relax amongst the cafes, browse the fashion retailers, bookstores, and marine recreation outlets. Take your time and embrace the gentle relaxation of the sea and native forest clad hills and valleys. There are several multipurpose walking and cycling trails to suit all levels of fitness and ages.  



The abundance of birdlife is significant in the district and Moutohora (Whale Island) is a big part of kiwi breeding success.  

Moutohora Whale Island is a small island only 9km offshore from Whakatāne and is home to the world’s largest muttonbird colony. A predator free haven and wildlife refuge, tours are available with a “look but don’t touch” emphasis and designed as a learning experience. There’s even a seal colony and Sulphur Bay is the island’s own hot water beach! 

“Whakatane is officially the sunniest place in New Zealand, recording 2710 sunshine hours in 2014. The town also won the title in 2013.” 

Crystal clear waters refresh and surprise with big game fishing tours and dolphin delight. Swimming, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling and diving are just a few of the ways to enjoy the beautiful golden sand beaches and surrounds.   


Art exhibitions, fresh fruit and markets, amazing weather and a casual beach culture create a place just ready to greet and delight visitors every day. 

"Backed by the wonderful climate, Whakatāne’s spectacular inland and coastal attractions have encouraged tourism growth."

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