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How do I choose the right ticket for my flight?

Air Chathams offers three different fare types. Within each fare type, pricing can vary based on factors such as differing fare classes.

1. Our cheapest and best value fares are Thrifty Fares.

Thrifty fares can’t be changed, transferred to another person or refunded. 

2. If you need the flexibility, choose the Saver Fares. 

Saver fares can be changed or transferred to another person up to 24 hours prior to departure. Changes will incur a $50 change fee per person per changed sector, plus a fare difference if the same fare class is no longer available. Name changes on the same scheduled flight are permitted without charge. Saver fares are non-refundable. 

3. If you want a fully flexible, fully changeable, fully refundable fare – choose the Full Economy Fares. 

Full economy fares can be cancelled with a full refund if Air Chathams is notified up to an hour prior to departure. Flights may be changed or transferred to another person during the same period and may incur a fare difference if the same fare class is no longer available. 

How much luggage can I check in?

All passengers have a check in luggage allowance of 23 kilograms for one piece of luggage. Additional weight will incur a standard excess weight charge of $3.50 per kilogram up to a maximum of 32 kilograms for one piece of luggage. 

Passengers travelling with an infant (aged 7 days to under 24 months) are allowed an additional 5 kilograms luggage allowance. For mainland New Zealand flights, each additional piece of luggage up to 23 kilograms will incur a charge of $35 if pre-booked online and $55 if added at the airport check-in. For Chatham Islands and Norfolk Island flights, each additional piece of luggage up to 23 kilograms will incur a charge of $70 if pre-booked online and $90 if added at the airport check-in. 

Excess luggage is not guaranteed for travel on the day and will depend on aircraft payload capacity 

What does it cost to take a bulky or over-sized item?

Air Chathams does not charge extra for bulky or oversize items such as golf clubs, bicycles and surfboards other than for weight or extra luggage charges. 

If the bulky or oversize item is the only piece of luggage checked in and the weight exceeds 23 kilograms per passenger, the additional weight will be charged at $3.50 per kilogram. 

If the bulky or oversize item is an additional piece of luggage checked in (additional to 1 piece of luggage up to 23 kilograms per person) then charges for additional pieces of luggage will apply.  

For mainland New Zealand flights, each additional piece of luggage up to 23 kilograms will incur a charge of $35 if pre-booked online and $55 if added at the airport check-in. 

For Chatham Islands and Norfolk Island flights, each additional piece of luggage up to 23 kilograms will incur a charge of $70 if pre-booked online and $90 if added at the airport check-in. 

If the aircraft payload capacity is limited for a flight and bulky and oversize items are unable to be carried due to space restrictions, these items will be flown on the next available flight. 

Can I change my booking?

Depending on the type of fare you purchase (Thrifty, Saver, or Full Economy) you can modify booking details, change flight dates, and cancel flights online. Some changes may incur extra charges and you will need to speak to one of our customer service team members on 0800 FLY NOW. 

If you can make changes, you will be able to do this online. 

How can I pay for Travel with Air Chathams?

Travel can be purchased online using our website booking and reservation system. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. 

Repeat and frequent travellers may be able to set up an account for multiple bookings and to prepurchase Multi-Pass vouchers. Accounts will be subject to financial credit checks and the approval of Air Chathams management. These accounts will be invoiced, and no payment is required at the time of booking online or via our customer service team. 

Travel may be paid for with EFTPOS at airport locations for Auckland, Whakatane, Whanganui, Kapiti Coast, Wellington, Christchurch and the Chatham Islands. 

Please call 0800 FLY NOW with any enquiries regarding payment. 

What do I need to know when visiting the Chatham Islands

Respecting the Local Kai Moana Resource 

The Chatham Islands are renowned for their abundant seafood. Help us preserve this valuable resource by taking only what you need for a meal and purchase fish to take home from the local factories. Please leave the paua beds for the locals. They are an important local food source and resource that we don’t want to see depleted. You can enjoy lots of quality Chatham Islands seafood on the menus here on the islands. 

Private Land Access and Signage 

Unlike mainland New Zealand, most of the island, including the beaches, is privately owned land. Most attractions are on private land and access to them requires permission and payment of an entry fee. This must be prearranged, and your host will be able to assist. Visitors are asked not to venture onto any private land without permission. 

Natural and Archaeological Taonga 

The Chatham Islands are rich in flora and fauna, geological and archaeological treasures – for example native birds, fossils (including shark teeth), and sites related to Moriori settlement, all of which are protected by law. These also hold special value to Islanders. Please respect these by not removing any items you find. 

Water Conservation 

Water is often in short supply and restrictions are put in place, particularly in summer. Please help us to conserve it when showering, flushing etc. 

How do I contact Air Chathams if I am calling from overseas?

Operating hours vary between our offices and check in locations. Please remember the Chathams Islands is 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand time. If your call is unanswered, please leave a detailed message and contact email address and we will respond as soon as we are able. 

For flights to the Chatham Islands – please call 0064 9 257 0261

For flights in mainland New Zealand – please call 0064 9 257 0261

Does Air Chatham’s have group travel rates?

Yes, we do. If you have ten or more passengers travelling together, then please call us on 0800 FLY NOW for a special group rate discount on our standard fares. 

Can I send my child as an Unaccompanied Minor (UM) on Air Chathams?

Children aged 5 to 11 years travelling without an adult (15 years or older) may travel unaccompanied provided the child doesn’t require additional special care such as toileting, feeding or administering medicine. Children aged less than 5 years may not travel unaccompanied. 

When booking the flight Air Chathams must be notified of the intention for the child to travel as an unaccompanied minor at the parent or guardian’s request. The parent or guardian of the child must complete a form, Unaccompanied Minor Form, and present this to the Air Chathams staff or agent at the flight check in prior to boarding. 

The unaccompanied minor will not be accepted for travel unless all the applicable areas in the form are completed and confirmed by an Air Chathams staff member or agent. 

I’m travelling with an infant – what do I need to know?

An infant is categorised as a child aged up to 24 months. Infants may travel free of charge if not occupying a seat when accompanied by an adult passenger paying an applicable adult fare. Passengers must advise Air Chathams at the time of booking that an infant will be travelling. 

Passengers travelling with an infant are allowed an additional 5 kilograms luggage allowance on the standard 23 kilogram checked in luggage allowance. Accessories such as a baby stroller, car seat or portable cot will be carried at no extra charge. 

A child’s fare is available on Chatham Islands and international flights where the child is aged 24 months or over and is less than 12 years of age. 


What items are classified as dangerous goods and NOT able to be taken on the flight?

The following list of items may not be carried in checked in or carry-on luggage on Air Chathams flights: 

  • Flammable or poisonous compressed gases such as gas cylinders, oil sprays and pesticides 
  • Lithium batteries or lithium batteries powered equipment containing those batteries 
  • Corrosive materials such as acids and mercury 
  • Explosives such as fireworks and easily ignited items, disposable and refillable lighters 
  • Magnets or magnetised materials 
  • Oxidising substances 
  • Poisonous, toxic, or infectious substances 
  • Radioactive materials 

If you are unsure, please check with Air Chathams staff at our airport check in locations. 

Common items asked about are listed below: 

  • Safety matches may be carried in your pocket or by hand. 
  • Hair spray and aerosol deodorant may be carried in checked luggage only providing it is in an individual container less than 500 grams or millilitres and with a fitted cap. 
  • E-cigarettes and vapes may be carried in your hand or in carry-on luggage providing they are individually protected and are strictly prohibited for use on board. 
  • Knives, sharp objects, bats or any item which could be used as a weapon may only be carried in checked luggage. 

If you wish to know more about regarding taking firearms to Norfolk Island, please read and familiarise yourself with the information to be found at this link - 

Can I bring and consume alcohol on board an Air Chathams flight?

Rules concerning alcohol on board a flight are covered by the Civil Aviation Amendment Act 2004 (2004 No. 8) and specifically for intoxicated persons under Section 65I. Passengers may transport unopened alcohol in their carry-on luggage providing the size and weight meets with the national and international requirements of the route undertaken.

Liquids carried on international flights from New Zealand must meet the following requirements: 

  • All liquids, aerosols, gels or pastes must be in individual containers not larger than 100ml in volume, 
  • All containers must be in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag no larger than one litre (approximately 20cm x 20cm or 8” x 8”), 
  • Only one bag per passenger, 
  • The plastic bag must be sealed and taken out of other carry-on luggage at the screening point. 

Air Chathams requests that alcohol is not consumed on board our aircraft during regular scheduled passenger flights. Our flight attendants are required to ask that any alcohol produced for consumption during regular scheduled passenger flights is handed over to the flight attendant until the end of the flight. Failure to comply with this request will be reported to the captain of the flight. 

The captain of the flight will determine any course of action to be taken including restraint of unruly passengers and arranging for police to meet the aircraft on landing. An offence has been committed under the Civil Aviation Amendment Act 2008 should a person fail to comply with any command given by the pilot in command and may be fined up to NZ $5000. 

Can I use a '‘CARES’ Harness for my infant on your planes?


Air Chathams has approved the ‘CARES’ Harness as an FAA-approved Child Aviation Restraint for use on all our aircraft. CARES (Child Aviation Restraint System) is the only harness-type child aviation safety restraint ever certified for aeroplane travel by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Designed for kids 10-20 kgs it is easy to use and creates a safe aeroplane seat for your child without the hassle of carrying an 8 kg car seat. Made of the same industrial-strength webbing as your own seatbelt. It is engineered and manufactured by AmSafe Aviation, the world’s foremost manufacturer of airline seatbelts.

Where are the check-in locations for the Airports that you fly into?

Check in Locations

Auckland Domestic  For all regional, DC 3 scenic and Chatham Island flights, check in at Zone A of Auckland Airport’s domestic terminal. Entering Door 2 of the terminal, turn left and the Air Chathams checkin counters are on the right.

Auckland International ‐ For all Norfolk Island flights, check in at the check-in area on the ground floor of Auckland Airport's International Terminal. The check-in desks will be well signposted with the Air Chathams logo above the desk, and on the departure information screens in the terminal. After check‐in, passengers then need to make their way to the 1st floor for security and passport control. 

Whakatane ‐ check in at the Whakatāne Airport passenger terminal at 216 Aerodrome Road, Whakatāne. 

Whanganui ‐ check in at the Whanganui Airport passenger terminal at the end of Airport Road, Whanganui. 

Kapiti Coast ‐ check in at the Kāpiti Coast Airport passenger terminal at 60 Toru Road, Paraparaumu. 

Wellington ‐ check in at the departures level of the Wellington Airport Terminal. The check‐in desks, located in the right‐hand hall, will be well signposted with the Air Chathams logo above the desk, and on the departure information screens in the terminal. 

Christchurch ‐ check in on the ground floor of the Christchurch Airport terminal. The check‐in desks will be well signposted with the Air Chathams logo above the desk, and on the departure information screens in the terminal. Passenger check‐in and handling services for Chatham Islands flights from Christchurch are provided by Planebiz. 

Chatham Islands ‐ check in at the main passenger terminal at the Chatham Islands Tuuta Airport. 

Norfolk Island ‐ check in at the Norfolk Island International Terminal, Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island.