Cessna 206 Fleet | Air Chathams

Cessna 206

Our Chatham Islands Workhorse

Described as the "Sport Utility Vehicle - SUV" of the air by Cessna, Air Chathams uses the Cessna 206 for our Pitt Island services.  The Cessna can be quickly configured for passengers or freight and it also is available for scenic flights throughout the Chatham Islands archipelago.

As the main provider for Pitt Island air services, the little Cessna seats five (plus the pilot) and carries everything from passengers, mail, animals, seafood and general groceries and freight.  It provides Chatham Island visitors with an amazing opportunity to view Pitt Island, Te Whanga Lagoon and the rest of the beautiful islands by air.

The Cessna 206 is the aircraft used to connect people to the very popular Pitt Island Day Trip.  Bookings are essential and we suggest you book early so as to allow an alternate day is weather conditions do not permit.  A minimum number of 4 people are required and smaller numbers can be combined.  Contact our Chatham Island office directly on +64 3 305 0209 as this aircraft only flies on demand and is not routinely scheduled.

Aircraft Specifications 

Speed230 kilometres per hour
Max Altitude10,000 feet
Pressurised CabinNo
No. of Pilots1
No. of Flight Attendants0
Inflight CateringNo

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