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Norfolk Island

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Norfolk Island is a South Pacific paradise full of stories, activity and character.  It has a unique history and community now enjoyed in modern life with its beautiful landscapes, impressive diversity and refreshing authenticity.  The island shares a similar latitude and climate to Australia's easternmost towns and is a sub-tropical gem.  

A stunning natural environment, a relaxed pace of life, heritage architecture and long established traditions, it shouldn't surprise as a foodie and culinary destination.  A real nod to the slow food movement, recipes come from ancient Polynesia through to the influence of American whalers. Menus and markets are based on grown fresh produce and seasonality. 

There are over 60 accommodation properties of types and styles and plenty of tours to experience and entertain.  Fishing, kayaking, heritage, native forest, cycling, gardens and cultural tours are all available.  Events are on every month with celebrations of Country Music, Jazz, a Food Festival and the new Ocean Challenge in January.

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Did you know?

Norfolk Island has its own language which developed from the languages of the settlers - 18th century English and Polynesian. "Watawieh" is "how are you?" and "Webout you gwen?" is "where are you going?"