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There is a large range of information our passengers look for when using Air Chathams air travel.  We would encourage you to use the Air Chathams Travel Info pages for any questions or queries you may have concerning booking a domestic or international flight, managing your booking, checking on domestic and international flight arrivals and departures, ticket fares and conditions and available domestic and international flight schedules.

Air Chathams has tried to anticipate what you may be looking for to help with your flights so has also provided a list of frequently asked questions on the Travel Info menu.  These questions and answers include common enquiries to Air Chathams customer service team about luggage, (weight, size and number of pieces, overweight and bulky luggage), check-in locations for Air Chathams in Auckland, Whakatāne, Whanganui and the Kāpiti Coast, children travelling unaccompanied, toilets on board and alcohol.

One of the most common queries Air Chathams has is about changing flights and refunds on flights.  This is a really important consideration that should be made when first booking your ticket to travel on our domestic and international flights and we highly recommend reading the terms and conditions of each fare type. The different terms and conditions for each Air Chathams fare type will determine what flexibility a passenger will have in changing the time of flight, day of flight, person flying, period of notification required before a change is made and whether a refund is available.  Air Chathams Terms and Conditions are included in with your air travel ticket and able to be accessed in the footer of every page on the website.


What Air Chathams aircraft does each flight route use? 

Air Chathams Auckland to Whakatāne and return flights are generally flown with the Fairchild Metroliner III which has seating for 19 passengers.  One of Air Chathams three Metroliners is painted in a full Whakatāne decal and very recognisable on the ground and in the sky. 

However, for the summer season of 2019 and 2020, Air Chathams is trialling the use of a SAAB 340 which seats 34 passengers seating on higher demand flights for the route – the Auckland to Whakatāne flight departing at 3:15pm and arriving at 4:00pm, the return Whakatāne to Auckland flight departing at 4:45pm and arriving at 5:30pm and the late Auckland to Whakatāne flight departing at 6:35pm to arrive at 7:20pm.

The Metroliner will also operate the Saturday morning 8:00am departure to Auckland from Whakatāne, Sunday flights from Auckland to Whakatāne departing at 11:00am and 6:15pm, Whakatāne to Auckland at 4:45pm on Saturday and the early Monday morning flight to Auckland at 6:45am. While the timing is perfect for the upcoming summer holiday period, Air Chathams will monitor and assess ongoing demand.

The SAAB 340 is generally used for most weekday flights to and from Auckland and Whanganui with occasionally high demand bringing in a Convair 580 or Air Chathams largest aircraft, the ATR 72 which seats up to 68 passengers.  During the winter months of 2019, the ATR 72 was used for the Whanganui to Auckland route and return while not committed to domestic flights as part of a charter contract with Tauck Charters for international visitor tours.

Air Chathams Saab 340 is also used for most travel between the Kāpiti Coast and Auckland.  We fly to the Kāpiti Coast from Auckland 14 times a week and the Kāpiti Coast Airport is situated in Paraparaumu.

All Air Chathams domestic flights to the Chatham Islands are with a Convair 580 regardless of departure port, Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. For charter flights departing to the Chatham Islands from Whanganui or Whakatāne, the Convair 580 is also used.  The Convair remains the fastest, multi-engine turbo prop aircraft in operation for domestic flights in New Zealand. 

It is more spacious with seating available up to 50 passengers and a large cargo hold.  On occasion Air Chathams uses the “combi” freight and passenger configuration Convair 580 to transport live seafood from the Chatham Islands back to mainland New Zealand.  This is a unique part of travelling to the Chathams Islands and usually quite enjoyed by new visitors on board.

The Convair 580 is also used for current international flights from Auckland to Norfolk Island which depart and return once a week every Friday.

More detailed information about Air Chathams aircraft can be found on the About Us menu under Our Fleet

Fairchild Metroliner III
SAAB 340
Convair 580

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