Saab 340

Our Swedish princess

Saab 340


Air Chathams has 3 Saab 340's turbo-prop aircraft on duty in the airline, ZK-KRA, ZK-CIY and ZK-CIZ.  

Widely used by commuter airlines around the world, the Saab 340 is an excellent fit for New Zealand conditions.  A comfortable and spacious cabin for up to 36 passengers, the Saab is renowned for its performance and reliability.  The aircraft is crewed by two pilots and one flight attendant with galley facilities for food and beverage preparation in flight.  

Air Chathams Saab 340's are mainly used on the Auckland to Whanganui and Auckland to Kāpiti Coast passenger schedules.  

Aircraft Specifications 
Speed470 kilometers per hour 
Max Altitude25,000 feet
Pressurised Cabin Yes
No. of Pilots2
No. of Flight Attendants1
No. of Seats Up to 36
Inflight Catering Available
Toilet Yes