The home of Air Chathams

The Chatham Islands are New Zealand’s most eastern islands, located over 800 kilometres (500 miles) east of southern New Zealand. About 600 people live on the two largest islands, Chatham and Pitt, and we have officially been a part of New Zealand since 1842. The islands are volcanic in origin with diverse landscapes and a fascinating history, renowned for a bountiful seafood industry and conservation efforts protecting many rare and endangered species. 

Top tips before making a visit: 

• No passport is necessary when flying from New Zealand. 

• There are no mobile phone networks on the island - bring your phone for photographs and enjoy being unconnected for a while. 

• Electricity is standard for New Zealand at 240 volts AC, but can be unreliable so we recommend surge protection on your devices. 

• Pack clothing for variable weather. Think layers and protection from the sun, wind and rain. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended.

• The Chatham Islands are 45 mins ahead of mainland New Zealand standard time. 

• There are no shuttles or taxis. Transport from the airline needs to be arranged with your accommodation as will any rental vehicle prior to your visit. 

• Check with your accommodation provider about any specialist needs or allergies as the Chatham Islands often have limited supplies for specific requirements. 

• There is a small hospital with a resident doctor and nurses available. Air Chathams always recommends travel insurance for any air travel.

• With deep family connections and local heritage, many places of interest are on private land and require the owner’s permission to visit. If you are unsure, please ask fi rst. 

Posted by Tomahawk Support on April 20, 2020