Kāpiti Coast Airport rolling closures - flights unaffected

Our flights are unaffected by the Kāpiti Coast Airport rolling closures due to airways staff shortages. If you have booked a flight or are planning to book you can have confidence that your flight will operate as scheduled.

Many of our customers may have seen the recent media reports regarding the rolling closures of Kāpiti Coast Airport due to a reduction in aerodrome flight information service (AFIS) hours. Due to airport requirements when Airways are unable to provide AFIS the airport must close.

The reduction in airport opening hours is a direct link to recent resignations of Kāpiti based AFIS staff and the ability for Airways to resource that facility. It is not related to the recent airport closure due to the security threat and is also unrelated to the ongoing conversations about the future of the Kāpiti Coast Airport.

These reductions have no impact on Air Chatham’s services in and out of Kāpiti Coast Airport. And our flight schedule will continue to operate as published. The closures have been set by Kāpiti Coast Airport to ensure AFIS coverage to facilitate our scheduled air services. We are also able to provide notice to the airport company of any off-schedule movements to request that the airport is open.

If you have booked a flight or are planning to travel in or out of the Kāpiti Coast (Paraparaumu Airport) you can have confidence that your flight will operate with the high standard of care and friendly service that you’ve come to expect from our airline.

We recognize that there are divided opinions on the need for AFIS to facilitate flight operations at Kāpiti Coast Airport. Air Chathams currently operates to uncontrolled airports throughout New Zealand on schedule and charter. Those airports do not have AFIS provided by Airways. Our airline puts the safety of our people and passengers at the forefront of what we do. We are currently working with the Civil Aviation Authority, Airways and Kāpiti Coast Airport to identify solutions that ensure a consistent level of service whilst ensuring all safety margins are met and exceeded.

Our Covid recovery continues across our network. The Chathams Islands has outperformed 2019 revenue performance over the past three months due to international cargo lines remaining open and allowing seafood export off the islands at high market rates, combined with a significant increase in demand for Kiwis wanting to travel to the islands on holiday.

We are further buoyed by the positive news this week that a quarantine free travel bubble will be established for flights between New Zealand and Australia (and some South Pacific countries) and is targeted for late March next year. We have suffered a drop of almost 50% on some mainland routes due to no international travel connectivity. This news is extremely positive for our airline and its recovery, which we hope will also allow us to gradually increase flight frequencies across our mainland routes including the Kāpiti Coast.

We are also very excited about re-launching our Auckland to Norfolk Island international air route, and have flights loaded for sale from April 2021. The amazing community of Norfolk Islanders rely entirely on tourism and are extremely enthusiastic about welcoming Kiwis back to their historic shores.

Take care, 

The team at Air Chathams


Posted by Tomahawk Support on December 16, 2020