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Auckland is NZ's biggest and most diverse city - nature, culture, heritage, food and wine surrounded by coastal landscapes.


Did you know?

Auckland was the capital of New Zealand for 25 years from 1842-1865. Auckland lost its role as the capital city to because government officials travelling from the south found the journey too arduous, with a single trip taking up to two months.

Auckland is a beautiful place and New Zealand's largest city.  

Regarded as one of the most liveable cities in the world, Auckland offers every visitor a plethora of options.  

Food and wine, shopping high end and low, markets, restaurants, cafes and a never-ending cycle of events, activities and festivals.  Cultural and heritage attractions nestle easily with the beautiful coastal scenery and it's not hard to imagine the early days of the city's Maori and settler history.

From Whakatāne, Whanganui and the Kāpiti Coast, get away and get yourself to Auckland with us.

Whether you're in Auckland catching up with friends and family, visiting the shopping malls, high street fashion or catching a flight from Whakatāne, Whanganui or the Kāpiti Coast to see an international sports event or music act, you can't help but feel the vibe and excitement of New Zealand’s biggest place.  

And when you need a little peace..., nature is just steps away.

In the west of Auckland, lush native rainforest plunges down the hills to meet the sea on dramatic black sand beaches, while Auckland’s east shelters golden sand beaches fringed with red-flowering pohutukawa trees. 

To Auckland’s north, the rolling hills of wine country meet stunning coastlines and in the south of Auckland you'll find picturesque country gardens, unspoilt forest and tranquil bays to explore.  

There’s lots to do and see and Air Chathams will get you there from Whakatāne, Whanganui and the Kāpiti Coast with the fastest direct route.

Flight times are 45 minutes Whakatāne to Auckland, 1 hour Whanganui to Auckland and 1 hour 10 minutes Paraparaumu to Auckland.

Air Chathams also flies direct from the Chatham Islands to Auckland once a week on Thursdays and twice a week on a Thursday and Saturday during peak summer months.  

Chatham Island to Auckland flights depart at 9:30am local time (the Chatham Islands is 45 minutes ahead of the New Zealand mainland) and arrives in Auckland at 11:45am. Flight time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

For Norfolk Island to Auckland, Air Chathams offers the only direct flight to New Zealand every Friday.  

Currently the Norfolk Island to Auckland flight departs Norfolk Island at 11:20am local time (Norfolk Island is 1 hour behind New Zealand time) and arrives in Auckland at 2:40pm.  Flight time is 2 hours and 20 minutes.

From February 28, 2020, Air Chathams departure time for Norfolk Island to Auckland will change to 1:20pm and arrive at 4:40pm.

Queen Street, Auckland


People in a restaurant



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Auckland is a powerhouse of the New Zealand economy contributing 38% of New Zealand’s GDP.  

Air Chathams routes ensure our regional destinations of Whakatāne, Whanganui and the Kāpiti Coast remain connected to Auckland by the fastest direct route.  

With increasing technology, innovation and flexibility in the changing workforce, regional businesses can conduct national and international trade where ever they are based. 

Air Chathams continues to provide an integral support role for these enterprises.

Air Chathams flies to Auckland from Whakatāne 3 times a day, Monday to Friday, and twice a day on Saturdays and Sundays.  

Key business flight times are a departure from Whakatāne at 6:45am each weekday morning and a return flight departing from Auckland at 6:35pm in the evening. 

Whanganui to Auckland flights with Air Chathams are available 3 times a day, Monday to Friday, twice on a Saturday and once on a Sunday.  

Like Whakatāne, key business flights for Whanganui to Auckland are the early departure at 6:45am during the working week and a return Auckland to Whanganui flight departing at 6:20pm.

Kāpiti Coast business travellers enjoy the convenience and time saved in flying direct to Auckland from Paraparaumu and are able to depart at 6:55am Monday to Friday with Air Chathams.  

An Auckland to the Kāpiti Coast return flight with Air Chathams departs at 6:10pm during the working week.

Air Chathams Multi-Pass fares are popular with frequent flyers who need maximum flexibility and flight purchases for a number of personnel.  For more information on these fares, click HERE.

ATEED (Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development) list the city’s business sectors of focus as:

1.       Advanced Materials related

2.       Commercial Services

3.       Construction and Engineering

4.       Education

5.       Food and Beverage

6.       Screen and Creative

7.       Technology

8.       Tourism

9.       Transport and Logistics

Air Chathams Limited has been appointed to the All of Government (AoG) Air Travel Panel, effective 1 October 2019, in line with NZ Government’s priorities to support regional growth.

Auckland is also where Air Chathams has its main operational base and hangar situated at 7 Hape Drive, Auckland Airport.  

Our main engineering teams, management and customer services departments are located here.


Queens Wharf