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Pets & Animals

Air Chathams is happy to carry your pets and animals under the following conditions.

All animals (dogs, cats and other pets) are to be properly and securely caged with appropriate absorbent material lining the base of the cage.

Please prebook your live animal or pet’s travel between any of our scheduled destinations by calling 0800 580 127.


  • The transport cage or box is appropriate for the animal carried, able to be locked and leak-proof.
  • The carriage of the live animal is part of the checked luggage allowance when accompanying a passenger and so may incur additional luggage charges. A handling fee of $50.00 per animal will also apply.
  • If a live animal is carried without an accompanying passenger, standard freight rates will be charged per kilogram plus a handling fee of $50.00 per animal.
  • Live animals must be checked in as freight or as part of a checked luggage allowance prior to the flight and collected on arrival. Animals transported as freight to the Chatham Islands will be taken to the office for collection and payment on pick-up.  If it is preferred to collect the animal at the airport, please contact the Air Chathams office.  If the animal is transported as checked in luggage with a ticket holder, the animal may be collected at the terminal with other luggage,
  • Pets and other live animals are unable to be held overnight at any Air Chatham premises.
Wildlife Protection Services contractor, Leona and her specialist dogs at Whanganui Airport