Pests & Biosecurity on the Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands environment is unique and beautiful and the economy is highly dependent on farming and fishing. The Chatham Islands are free of many pests and diseases which cause economic and environmental problems on mainland New Zealand.

The Chatham Islands has a Pest Management Strategy to help protect the environment and economy from unwanted pests and diseases.

Plants used for gardens shelterbelts and woodlots have the potential to bring unwanted diseases or become pests themselves.

The construction of fences, buildings, roads and landscaping on the Chathams often requires that bulk materials are imported. These have the potential to bring in unwanted pests, diseases and weeds.

Whenever an animal is brought onto the islands there is a risk of disease being introduced. Fortunately there are things that you can do before and after shipping to reduce the chances of this happening. As a first step any farm equipment brought in from mainland NZ must be carefully cleaned of soil and animal effluent, as these contaminants can act as a source of disease agents.

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For anyone visiting or moving to the Chatham Islands, it is important to know not to bring plants, animals or personal effects which could pose a pest risk.


For further information about biosecurity or queries about moving farm animals to the Chatham Islands, please contact Biosecurity Officer Alison Turner on 03 305 0013 or email: [email protected]