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Regional Information

Pitt Island

Pitt Island

Pitt Island is named after William Pitt, Earl of Chatham and first recorded in 1807, the Moriori name for Pitt Island is Rangiauria. 

Pitt Island lies 22 km to the southeast of Chatham Island. And is accessible by aeroplane and fishing boat charter.

It has a population of approximately 30 people and the main industry on the island is farming and fishing with a small but evolving tourism market.

Scenic Reserves occupy a major part of Pitt Island with approximately 800 hectares providing habitat for various bird life and native plants.

The residents on Pitt are very self-sufficient, relying on the local air link and sporadic shipping schedule for their general supplies. Most households are powered by a combination of wind generation and diesel engines. The roads are not sealed, and can prove quite difficult to travel on in winter months. Locals are very accommodating to visitors, and would welcome the opportunity to sit and chat over a ‘cup of tea’.

Pitt Island has no store. And no facility at all to spend money, so leave your cash at home. For accommodation, there is a large lodge located in Flower pot bay (see useful links), and a homestay located at North Head. Accommodation must be booked prior to your visit.

This island is truly isolated and raw, with an amazing story to tell. The Pitt Island day trip is a highlight of all that visit the Chatham Islands and we fully recommend you include this on your travel itinerary.

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