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Regional Information

Chatham Islands

Chatham Islands

Your Chatham Islands adventure holiday will be a journey of discovery. You will take a step back in time, to how life used to be. Prepare to be surprised as these mysterious islands yield up their secrets. Landscapes with volcanic peaks thrusting up out of rolling peatland, forest topped towering sea cliffs, the vast expanse of Te Whanga Lagoon, and endless kilometres of sandy beaches and the ever present ocean.

Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, approximately 800km east of the city of Christchurch, the Chatham Islands are New Zealand’s most easterly region. An archipelago of 11 islands, only Pitt and Chatham are inhabited, with a combined population of approximately 600 residents.

The Chathams is steeped in history, from the original inhabitants of the islands the Moriori, to German missionaries, Whalers, British Explorers, and mainland New Zealand Maori discovering the islands and settling there also.
The museum in the main town of Waitangi has an excellent collection detailing this history and is a great first stop on your journey to discover more about this fascinating volcanic outcrop in the South Pacific Ocean.

The Chathams does not have a large town centre and opening hours for public places can be limited, especially on weekends. Waitangi is the main centre of commerce with a bank/post-office, general store, hospital, hotel/bar, and two fuel stations. Waitangi is also the location of the Chatham Council & Museum as well as the local police station.

Mobile phone reception is not available on the islands, and calls from landlines to mainland New Zealand are charged as toll calls.

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