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Where do I check in?

Air Chathams has its own check-in facilities on the Chatham Islands, Whakatane & Auckland. We use Air New Zealand regional check-in counters for flights departing from Christchurch & Wellington.


  • Chatham Islands: Check-in is located inside the main passenger terminal at Chatham Island/Tuuta airport
  • Auckland: All check-ins are located in the regional area of the Auckland Domestic Terminal.  For Kapiti flights only, Air Chathams check-in is located next to the Retro Espresso caravan.  All other flights check-in at the shared Barrier Airlines counter.  Barrier Airlines staff are contracted to assist Air Chathams check-ins.  Please use the call bell if no one is attending the counter.
  • Whakatane: Check-in counters are located inside the main passenger terminal at Whakatane airport. JNP aviation services provide passenger check-in and handling services at Whakatane. They can make bookings, modify bookings, accept payment, and have been trained according to Air Chathams Customer Service standards.
  • Wellington: Check-in at Air New Zealand domestic counter located on the upper level of Wellington Airport terminal. Air Chathams flights cannot be checked in using the Air NZ kiosk technology, please ask an Air NZ representative to assist you when checking in for your Air Chatham flight
  • Christchurch: Check-in at Air New Zealand domestic counter located on the lower level of Christchurch Domestic airport terminal. Air Chathams flights cannot be checked in using the Air NZ kiosk technology, please ask an Air NZ representative to assist you when checking in for your Air Chatham flight.
How do I pay for my travel?

Travel can be purchased online using our website booking system. This system uses DPS payment gateway for all credit card transactions so rest assured your credit card information will be safe when booking online. The payment gateway only accepts Mastercard & Visa for payment, and will incur a booking charge per passenger flown.

Repeat customers can call on 0800 580 127 to enquire about setting up an account for multiple bookings, subject to financial credit checks and Air Chathams approval. These accounts will be invoiced so no payment is required at the time of booking online or via our call centre.

There is also the option of paying for travel at check-in at select locations including Auckland, Whakatane & the Chatham Islands. 

What type of aircraft will I be flying in?

Air Chathams has a diverse fleet that enables us to operate into some of NZ’s most remote destinations. For a full list of our fleet please click here.

Primarily when flying with Air Chathams to the Chatham Islands you will fly in our pressurised turbo-prop Convair 580 aircraft. And when flying between Auckland and Whakatane it will likely be our 18 seat pressurised turbo-prop Metroliner III aircraft.

Both these craft are operated with two pilots, and a flight attendant on the Convair 580.

Please note the Convair 580 has a toilet on-board but the Metroliner does not.

Can I view or change my booking online?

Yes. When booking with Air Chathams you will receive a unique PNR booking reference. This booking reference number can be used to manage your flight booking. Manage your booking here

Visit "Before you fly" for more information on how to use this system prior to your flight.

Depending on your fare class purchased you can modify booking details, change flight dates, and cancel flights. Some options may incur extra charges, for more information call our team at 0800 580 127

What is Air Chatham’s excess luggage policy?

Air Chathams passengers are entitled to 23 kilograms of checked luggage included in your airfare. There is no limit on number of pieces carried. If your checked luggage exceeds 23 kilograms you will be charged $3.50 for every additional kilo. Excess luggage is not guaranteed for travel on the day, and will depend on aircraft payload restrictions on that day. Adults travelling with infants are entitled to an extra 5 kilograms of checked luggage at no extra cost.

What is the extra cost for bulky items such as baby strollers, golf clubs, and bicycles?

Air Chathams does not charge extra for these items. They can be included in your checked luggage allowance, with any excess charged at $3.50 according to our excess luggage policy.

In the event that aircraft capacity is limited and bulky items are unable to travel due to space restrictions, these items will be flown on the next available flight. 

Does Air Chatham’s have group travel rates?

Yes we do. If you have 8 or more passengers travelling, then please call us on 0800 580 127 and we can offer you a special group rate discount. 

What is Air Chatham’s infant travel policy?

Infants travel free of charge on Air Chathams flights provided that passengers advise at time of booking that an infant will be travelling. An infant is any passenger under 2 years of age. Please refer to Air Chathams Terms & Conditions for more information.

Infants are entitled to 5 kilograms of checked luggage each.

Can I send my child as an unaccompanied minor on Air Chathams?

Children aged 5 to 11 years travelling without an adult 15 years or older may travel unaccompanied provided the child does not require additional special care such as toileting, feeding or administering of medicine.

Children aged less than 5 years may not travel unaccompanied, they must be accompanied by an adult aged 15 years or older. A person aged 12 to 16 years of age may travel alone, or as an unaccompanied minor at the parents or guardians request. 

If a person requires special care such as toileting, feeding or administering of medicine they must be accompanied by an adult aged 15 years or older who is able to provide the appropriate special care.

At the time of flight reservation it must be noted on the booking that the passenger will be travelling as an unaccompanied minor. The Parent or Guardian must complete the Air Chathams Unaccompanied Minor form and present this to the Air Chathams staff or agent at the flight check-in. The Unaccompanied Minor will not be accepted for travel unless all the applicable areas in the form are completed and confirmed by an Air Chathams staff member or agent.

Can I send animals with Air Chathams?

Yes. Please contact Air Chathams on 0800 580 127 to advise them of your requirement for animals to travel on Air Chathams flights. They will be able to advise specific requirements prior to travel, and any specific requirements regarding carriage on board the aircraft. 

Pets and Animals

  • Pets/Animals can be carried and will be charged at standard freight rates.
  • Pets cannot be kept overnight at Air Chatham Cargo premises.
  • Animals must travel with a customer.
  • The customer must supply a ‘secure and leak-proof box’.
How do I contact Air Chathams if I am calling from overseas?

For flights to the Chathams Islands please call +64 3 305 0209

For flights between Whakatane & Auckland please call +64 9 257 0261 

Opening hours vary between the two offices. If call not answered, please leave a detailed message with a contact email address.

What dangerous goods items must I not take with me on the flight?

Articles such as the following may not be carried in passenger’s luggage (carry-on or checked):

Flammable or poisonous compressed gases

Corrosive materials (acids, mercury, etc.)

Explosives (fireworks and other articles that are easily ignited)

Magnetised materials

Oxidising substances

Poisonous, toxic, infectious substances

Radioactive materials

Small Lithium battery powered equipment such as hoverboards

For more information on this please call 0800 580 127

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