Air Chathams is a proud signatory of the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment.

The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment aims to see every New Zealand tourism business committed to sustainability by 2025.

Our vision is Leading the World in Sustainable Tourism - Toitū te taiao, toitū te tāpoi. E kōkiri ana e Aotearoa. To deliver on this, we must achieve ambitious economic goals while sharing the overwhelming benefits with supportive communities, contributing to restoring, protecting and enhancing our natural environment, and continuing to be a high quality destination of choice for domestic and international visitors. 

The TSC was developed by Tourism Industry Aotearoa, the voice of New Zealand's tourism industry. We are inviting every New Zealand tourism business to join us on this sustainability journey. Sign up now to the Tourism Sustainability Commitment and work towards twelve Commitments across the four elements of tourism sustainability: Economic, Visitor, Community and Environment.

Together we can create a truly sustainable tourism industry that makes a positive and enduring contribution to Aotearoa New Zealand.

The New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment establishes 12 Business Commitments that individual businesses can achieve. These Commitments have been developed by industry for industry.

Seagulls flying and landing on beach


1.Resilience- Focus on long-term business performance and resilience. 
2.Investment- Invest to create value, opportunities and to drive sustainability practices.
3.Innovation - Innovate to solve problems, create new ways to do things and increase productivity.



4.Visitor Satisfaction- Strive to always meet or exceed visitor expectations.
5.Culture and Heritage- Embrace Aotearoa New Zealand's culture and heritage as part of delivering a unique and authentic visitor experience.
6.Visitor Engagement - Engage with visitors about how to be great travellers within Aotearoa New Zealand.


7.Employer of Choice- Attract, support and develop the workforce needed to flourish and succeed.
8.Community Engagement- Actively and positively engage with the communities in which we operate, taking a leadership role to champion causes that are important to the community.
9.Sustainable Supply Chains- Have socially and environmentally sustainable supply chains.


10.Restoring Nature- Contribute to protecting and enhancing Aotearoa New Zealand's environment, including water, biodiversity, landscapes and clean air.
11.Carbon Reduction- Act urgently to contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand's transition to a net zero carbon economy.
12.Eliminating Waste- Take responsibility for the entire life cycle of products and services we use and ultimately eliminate the waste associated with these.