Air Chathams prides itself on the relationships and commitment we have to the communities and destinations we provide air services to. Traditionally our sponsorship is the second largest expense within our promotional budget and we hope to continue this. You'll find our sponsorship request form at the bottom of this page.

Commercial sponsorship today is also a partnership opportunity with close consideration of the benefits offered and available to the sponsor – please consider this carefully when you make a request on behalf of a non-charitable 
organisation or trust.

We currently sponsor a number of events, places, reserves and clubs based on historical associations and requests and our sponsorship usually takes the form of free of charge flights or discounted flights. 
These include: 

  • Wanganui Rugby Football Club – Heartland and Under20 Teams
  • Whakatāne “Sunshine On A Plate” Food Festival – in support of Hospice EBOP
  • Whakatāne Kiwi Trust
  • Chatham Islands

Thinks We Consider Favourably
While Air Chathams does look at every sponsorship request individually and consider those requests on their own merit, we would prefer to sponsor or support the causes that fit the below criteria: 

  • A charitable trust
  • An organisation unable to access funding through other channels
  • Requests for FOC flights or discounted flights
  • Relevance to the growth of the communities we provide air services to
  • Sustainability of the natural environment within the communities we provide air services to

Things We Generally Don't Sponsor
We would prefer not to sponsor the below due to alternative funding sources available within the community and nationally: 

  • Requests from sports clubs and schools (although we are willing to offer discounted charter services where 
  • Event funding (discounted flights for key media or VIP’s may be requested)
  • Requests on behalf of individuals
  • Requests that don’t provide a wider community benefit 

    Please feel free to make an application for sponsorship at any time - we are open to suggestions, creative ideas and innovative proposals as to how we might be able to help you. 


Air Chathams has working partnerships with the district councils, tourism organisations, economic development agencies and the Chambers of Commerce in each of the regions we fly to and from. With these organisations, we aim to support their activity in promoting your region to visitors, potential residents and business. 

This can take the form of shared promotion at consumer and trade expo’s, providing free of charge flights or discounted flights for VIP’s and media as well as shared imagery and collateral. 

As a result we cannot assist every individual company but genuinely hope by supporting wider regional efforts we are also doing our part in growing your place and business.