Fairchild Metroliner III

A safe, fast, and efficient commuter aircraft

Fairchild Metroliner III

The Metroliner is also a very versatile aircraft and has seating for 19 passengers. Used by Air Chathams since 1992, this aircraft can also be operated as a freighter with a maximum payload of 2 tonne.

Fast as well as reliable, the Metroliner is flown by two pilots, is pressurised and can be flown above the weather.  It has a great range and with full fuel this aircraft can fly for over 6 hours. The Metroliner is a great choice to charter for remote locations and family groups.  

Air Chathams has three Metroliners with the Auckland to Whakatane route using the Metroliner as our passenger aircraft.  

Aircraft Specifications
Speed450 kilometres per hour
Max Altitude25,000 feet
Pressurised CabinYes
No. Of Pilots2
No. Of Flight Attendants0
Inflight CateringLimited