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Travel info

Travel info

What sort of clothing do I need?

Due to the variable weather, we would recommend the following:

  • Layers of clothing available
  • Thermals
  • Wind and rain proof jacket
  • Sturdy footwear (suitable for walking, keeping in mind that tracks can be wet and muddy)
  • Sunhat & Sunglasses
Will my mobile phone work?
No.  Please leave your mobile phone at home. The Chatham Islands are a place to unwind and appreciate the beauty of nature.  Due to it's isolation there are no mobile phone networks.
What can I see and do when I am there?

The Chathams has a range of activities for visitors to the island. There are excellent bush walks, scenic day trips, fishing charter operators, and historic points to visit.

For the best information visit the Chatham Tourism website

What is the electricity supply?

Electricity is standard for New Zealand at 240 volts AC.

The power supply can be unreliable on the Chathams as it is a combination of diesel & wind generation. We advise surge protection used on important devices to avoid damage in the event of power interruption. 

What is the time difference on the Chatham Islands?

The Chatham Islands are 45 minutes ahead of New Zealand standard time, and UTC + 12 hours 45 minutes during winter, and UTC + 13 hours 45 minutes during daylight savings.

I have dietary needs. Will that matter?

The Chatham Islands have a limited supply of specialist food items particular to some diets. We recommend you check with your accommodation provider before you travel to the islands, especially if you have strict diet requirements or allergies.

The local store opening hours and website can be found here:

Are there shuttles or taxis on the island?

No. Transfers from the airport can be made through your accommodation provider, or you can pre-organize for a rental vehicle to meet you on arrival at the airport.

Do I need travel insurance?

Air Chathams always recommends that our passengers have travel insurance when they travel.

The Chathams has a hospital located in the main town of Waitangi with a resident doctor and nurses available. In the event of serious emergency there is a aero-medical aircraft based in Christchurch to evacuate those in need at very short notice.

Is a passport required?


Is it polite to wave when passing someone on the road?

Absolutely! The Chatham Islanders are very friendly, and it is local custom to wave at all vehicles & people when passing them on the road. Do not be surprised or offended if the locals wave at you when you drive past. It’s all part of the experience.

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