Air Chathams Aircraft

Air Chathams Convair 580 CIB

Air Chathams Convair 580 is a comfortable classic era aircraft with heaps of legroom and excellent passenger and freight capabilities.  

Whilst the aircraft CIB is committed to the Chatham Island service, the airline does in fact own three of these aircraft which allow for engineering requirements to be met.

Air Chathams C206 KAI

KAI is the Air Chathams C206 which flies between Chatham & Pitt Island Air Chathams C206 aircraft seats five and flies between Pitt & Chatham Islands.

You will generally hear people refer to this aircraft by name (being KAI).

Air Chathams In Tonga - Chathams Pacific

Since 2008, Air Chathams run a subsidary airline - Chathams Pacific, Tonga's Domestic Airline and operate five aircraft there including the magnificant, restored Douglas DC-3 called Tangaloa.  

John King took this photograph of the Chatham's fully restored DC3 over the skies of Tonga
Chathams Pacific, Tonga's Domestic Airline, operate a fleet of 5 aircraft

KAI is the Air Chathams C206 which flies between Chatham and Pitt Islands

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Air Chathams Route

Pitt Island Day Trips

Pitt Island is home to some of the world's rarest birds and plants, and is the first inhabited place in the world to witness each new day. A major highlight for all visitors to the Chathams, so why not take a day trip and discover it for yourself?

Scenic Flights

The best way to see the Chatham's is by air. Check out our great Scenic Flight options!

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